Digital marketing vs Traditional Marketing

As time is changing, so as techniques to handle something is also changing.  Way back to the past, companies followed traditional techniques to promote their services and products. It would include business cards, newspaper ads, and commercials in TV.

With innovation of technology, consumer’s expectations have increased in order to get more in the most convenient way. Nowadays, people simply search online for the product they are looking. Moreover, they can hunt the reviews and feedback of the product online, which ultimately lead to their decision of buying or rejecting the product.

In this new era of digital search, it has become vital for the employer to market his products and services to the public in order to increase his sales. Let us list down benefits and downside of digital marketing and traditional marketing.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • Audience can choose the medium: Your audience can choose the medium through which they want to receive the content. You can spread the awareness in number of ways like writing a blog post, or creating a YouTube video. It depends upon the audience, at what time they want to receive it.
  • Interaction with audience: You can communicate with your audience.
  • Cost-efficient: Promoting a product digitally is much cheaper than promoting it in a traditional way. In most cases, you need to click your commercial, and it can reach to multiple customers.
  • Allow direct response: With the help of social media networks, you can view the opinion of public about your product. Furthermore, digital marketing allows you to inspire your client to visit your website, explore the products available, and provide their feedback on the same.
  • Great opportunities to share: Online, you can make your message viral in just few minutes. Nowadays, there are share buttons available with each blog post. People can further share it on their social media accounts. In this way, one blog post can be shared well.

Benefits of Traditional Marketing

  • Easy to understand: People are aware of traditional marketing since a very long time. Whenever they see a sales flyer, or an sms alert, they get to know that it is a part of marketing. Often, people do not give much importance to such methods of marketing.
  • Local audience is easily accessible: Through radio broadcast or pamphlets, you can target the local audience where your business is located.

Now, it depends upon you, which way you want to go.



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